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card 'EDynamic Learning' Applied In Luverne High School

By: Mavis Fodness
Rock County Star Herald

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Forensic science and biotechnology are not typical high school classes, but eligible Luverne students may now have access to them online.

LHS offers the online coursework through eDynamic Learning, a Canada-based company created six years ago by a former high school teacher.

LHS students were able to choose the self-learning option for the first time last fall.

History teacher Tom Rops advises the students and monitors their online progress.

He said 28 students completed coursework during the first semester and currently 31 students are working on one or more of the 65 career and elective courses offered online.

"Overall it has been pretty good for 90 percent of the kids," he said. "We are not watching them so they have a lot of freedom." Students sign a contract stating they understand course completion is entirely their responsibility.

Rops monitors online homework through the eDynamic Learning website, but the students are responsible for arranging with Rops the timed quizzes and final tests.

Rops said no student has received a final grade lower than a "C." High school principal Ryan Johnson implemented the online learning option for college-bound seniors.

He said many seniors don’t need a full class schedule for graduation. The online courses provide another resource to explore career choices, plus they get used to online course work typical at today’s colleges.

"Just the nature of online classes is different," Johnson said, referring to time management skills required for self-learning. Seniors Ashton Krueger and Sierra Wieneke along with junior Jaxon Nelson excelled in the online learning format, completing the online courses for varying reasons.

Krueger said she was interested in biotechnology, but a 12-unit online biotechnology course changed her mind.

"I thought I would like to go into biotechnology but after taking the class, I know I won’t like it," she said.

This allowed her to switch now before she’s in college.

Sierra Wieneke found forensic science was a perfect career choice and will pursue a career in forensic psychology after graduating in June.

"I have always been interested in it (forensics)," she said. "I took it because it will help for my career."

Wieneke recently completed Part 2 of the forensic course and said she enjoys learning outside of the regular classroom. "It is much more quiet at home," she said.

While students have about 12 weeks to finish the semester course work online, Rops said many students finish the work more quickly. E-learning in Luverne is limited to college-bound seniors who have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Cost of the service to Luverne is $3,750 for the school year. Principal Johnson said an additional benefit to the e-learning service is that it allows students who have scheduling difficulties to earn course credits toward graduation.

Jaxon Nelson is a junior and is a member of the amateur Sioux Falls Stampede hockey team.

The e-learning option allows him to stay enrolled in LHS and earn credits toward graduation with his classmates.

"I like it," Nelson said. "You get to work at your own pace and learn different things."

LHS plans to continue the online class option to students next year.

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