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Attendance is mandatory. Students are expected to attend class in accordance with the program's attendance policy.

Students attending both, the Luverne High School and the Alternative High School are considered part-time students that may enroll in one class and are required to attend Alternative School 7 hours per week

Students attending only the Alternative School are considered full-time students that must enroll in a minimum of three classes and are required to attend the Alternative School 21 hours per week. Attendance alone does not constitute a credit. Students must be actively involved in class to earn a passing grade. Hours are recorded on a daily time sheet complete only with a teacher's signature.

Independent Study is available for full-time students only.

Failure to attain hours stated above will result in the following:

First Offense- A letter of warning is issued

Second Offense- Aletter of warning is issued and conference with teacher or director (phone call to parent determined by teacher)

Third Offense- A mandatory two week suspension

Fourth Offense- Will be withdrawn from school, all materials discarded , and a grade of "F" is assigned

All absences should be called in at 283-0075. There are no excuses. However, a student has the opportunity to make up the hours the following week to remove the warning from his/her record

Readmission to the school is a written request to re-enroll in the program. A student will be required to offer reasons as to why it is now possible to comply with the attendance policy. There will be a three week trial period to determine continuation in the program.

If the Luverne High School has school, the Alternative School has school.


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