Community Education Staff

willers Karen Willers CE Director/ECFE Director
Jon Schomacker Summer Rec Director
cindy Cindy Arends CE Secretary
angie Angie Janiszeski Discovery Time Teacher
debbie Debbie Mitchell

School Readiness &
ECFE Children's Teacher
debbie Lisa J. Nath ECFE Parent Educator
Bridget Smith ESL/GED/ABE Teacher
debbie Dixie Aanenson Discovery Time Paraprofessional  
debbie Stacey Rolling Discovery Time Paraprofessional  
debbie Angela Sneller Discovery Time Paraprofessional  
debbie Ali Taylor

Discovery Time Paraprofessional/
FamilyU Assistant

debbie Denise Fick Discovery Time Paraprofessional  
debbie Emily Evers Sibling Care Paraprofessional  
  Lisa Gustafson-Hoftiezer Sibling Care Paraprofessional  
  Karmen Vis FamilyU Director
debbie Glenda Schneekloth FamilyU/Sum Rec Office Assistant g,
debbie Wendy Nath FamilyU Assistant  
Maggie May FamilyU Assistant  
  Aimee Moss FamilyU Assistant  
debbie Becky Runnoe Special Ed Teacher
debbie Shelley Krueger 0-2 Special Ed Teacher
debbie Brenda VanderZiel FamilyU Assistant  


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